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My Current Location

My Current Location

Use this tool to find your coordinates, to find the street address at your location, to convert addresses to coordinates (geocoding), to convert coordinates to addresses (reverse geocoding), to share locations and more.

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My Current Location is an online tool that allows you to find information about your current location and to perform many location-related operations.

If you want more information about your current location, you can find your GPS coordinates (the latitude and longitude of where you are) and the postal address at your current location. In fact, you can find the coordinates and street address of any point of a map with a single click.

You can use this tool to perform geocoding and reverse geocoding operations: i.e. to convert addresses into coordinates and to convert coordinates into street addresses.

You can also convert coordinates in the decimal degree format to the degrees minutes seconds format, and inversely so.

One of the nice features of this tool is that you can simultaneously navigate maps of different types and at different zoom levels. This allows you to simultaneously see, for example, a view of a location on a standard map and a zoomed in view of this same location on a satellite map.

You can share your current location, or share any location in the world. This can be useful to organize meetings with people at a specific location, or to simply let people know where you are for security reasons. The default zoomed in satellite map allows you to precisely pinpoint the location that you want to share.

Find out where you are and explore the world!

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