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My Current Location

Use this location tool to find your coordinates, to find the street address at your location, to convert addresses to coordinates (geocoding), to convert coordinates to addresses (reverse geocoding), to share your location and more.

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Your Location, Your Way

Explore our platform to quickly identify your exact location, convert coordinates, and share your location with others. Your location information, always at your fingertips!


Guide to Identifying, Converting, and Sharing Your Location

  1. Finding Coordinates

    To find your current GPS coordinates, press the blue button. Your coordinates, in both decimal degrees and degrees minutes seconds, will display in the coordinates fields.

  2. Locating Address

    To find your current street address, press the blue button. The address at your location will appear in the address field.

  3. Converting Address to Coordinates

    To convert a street address to coordinates, enter the address in the address field, then press enter or click outside the field. The corresponding latitude and longitude will appear in the coordinates fields.

  4. Converting Coordinates to Address

    To convert coordinates to a street address, enter the coordinates in the provided fields, then press enter or click outside the field. The corresponding address will appear in the address field.

  5. Identifying Coordinates and Address on Map

    To find coordinates and an address of any point on the map, click on the desired point. The coordinates and address will display in the corresponding fields.

  6. Converting Between Decimal Degrees and Degrees Minutes Seconds

    Enter the coordinates you want to convert, then press enter or click outside the field. The converted coordinates will display in the corresponding fields.

  7. Sharing Location

    To share your current location, press the blue button to load your coordinates and address, then press one of the share buttons. Share options include Twitter, Facebook, email, or copying a URL.

  8. Sharing Any Location on Map

    Click on any location on the map to load its coordinates, then press one of the share buttons.

  9. Changing Map Types

    Click the icon at the top right corner of the map to switch map types. You can change the type for each map individually. Standard, hybrid, and satellite maps are supported.

  10. Zooming and Rotating Map

    Use the plus (+) and minus (-) icons on the bottom right corner of each map to zoom in or out. Rotate the map by clicking and dragging the compass on the bottom right corner of each map.

Features overview

Instant Location Identification

No more guessing. Find your current GPS coordinates or address in an instant, no matter where you are.

Easy Coordinate Conversion

Switch between decimal degrees and degrees minutes seconds formats effortlessly with our user-friendly conversion feature.

Address to Coordinates and Vice Versa

Turn any address into GPS coordinates and any coordinates into a street address using our reliable geocoding tool.

Share Your Location

Tell the world where you are! Share your location on social media, via email, or through a URL with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are the GPS coordinates provided?

Our tool delivers highly precise GPS coordinates. However, accuracy can vary slightly based on the GPS capabilities and location services of your device.

Why am I unable to find my current address?

Ensure your device's location services are enabled and necessary permissions are granted. If issues persist, the location might be too remote for an accurate address reading.

Can I convert coordinates to different formats?

Yes, you can convert coordinates between decimal degrees and degrees minutes seconds formats using our conversion feature.

How can I share my location?

You can share your location on social media platforms, via email, or by copying and sharing a URL with our easy sharing feature.

Is my location data secure?

Absolutely. We value your privacy and ensure your location data is secure. We do not share or sell your data and use it solely to provide our services.

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